Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mitch Hedberg Quotes

Since my last post was such a success I thought I'd share some more quotes with you all
This is a hero of mine, the late Mitch Hedberg.

You know they call corn-on-the-cob "corn-on-the-cob" right? But that's how it comes out of the ground, man. They should call that "corn." They should call every other version "corn-off-the-cob." It's not like if you cut off my arm you would call my arm "Mitch." But then reattach it and call it "Mitch-all-together!"

I hope the next time I move I get a real easy phone number, something that's real easy to remember. Something like two two two two two two two two. I would say "Sweet." And then people would say, "Mitch, how do I get a hold of you?" I'd say, "Just press two for a while. And when I answer, you will know you have pressed two enough.

My roommate said to me, 'I'm gonna go shave and use the shower; does anyone need to use the bathroom?' It's like some weird ass quiz where he reveals the answer first.

On a stop light green means go, red means stop and yellow means slow down, but on a banana it's just the opposite. Green means 'hold on,' yellow means 'go ahead,' and red means, 'where the fuck did you get that banana at?

When you buy a box of Ritz crackers, on the back of the box, they have all these suggestions as to what to put on top of the Ritz. "Try it with turkey and cheese. Try it with peanut butter." But I like crackers man, that's why I bought it, 'cause I like crackers! I don't see a suggestion to put a Ritz on top of a Ritz. I didn't buy them because they're little edible plates! You've got no faith in the product itself.

his is what my friend said to me; he said, "Guess what I like? Mashed potatoes." It's like,"Dude. you gotta give me time to guess. If you're gonna quiz me, you must insert a pause in there.

 After compiling this list I've decided this is going to be a two part blog! Keep in touch!


  1. Quotable quotes! some made me lol, thx!

  2. fuck yes i love mitch hedburg. ive got a video clip of his standup on my blog hehe

  3. This blog has quite the following!

  4. Oh man, too bad Hedberg is dead :/

  5. I dont know who this Mitch fella is, but he seems like a Jerry seinfeld type, which is my type! The banana one made me chuckle. Keep up the good posts man.

    Much love and $upport headed your way broham!

  6. haha enjoyed reading this, keep it up!

  7. ha ha, this is good.