Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm back! I was extremely busy with school these midterms and had to stop updating my blog for a couple weeks.

Now that midterms are over and the drinking is about to commence.. I thought I'd share with you how to 'cheers' in other languages other than English.. comment if you have any I've left out.

Afrikaans : Gesondheid! : (Ge-sund-hide)
Albanian : Gëzuar! : (Géschuar)
Arabic (Egyptian) : في صحتكم! : (Fee-sa-ha-tak)
Armenian : Armenia : (Gen-ots-it)
Azerbaijani : Afiyët oslun! : (Afeeyet Ohs-lun)
Basque : On egin! : (On egín)
Bosnian : Živjeli! : (Zhee-vi-lee)
Bulgarian : Наздраве! : (NAZ-dra-vey)
Chinese (Mandarin) : 乾杯! [干杯!] : (Gan BAY)
Chinese : (Cantonese) : (Gom bui)
Czech : Na zdravi : (NAZ-drah vi)
Croatian : Živjeli! : (ZHEE-vi-lee)
Danish : Skål! : (Skol)
Dutch : Prosit! : (Prowst)
Esperanto : Je via sano! Toston! : (YEH VEE-ah SAH-no/Tóston)
Estonian : Terviseks! : (Ter-vi-seks)
Ethiopian (Amharic) : Letenachin : (L’-TAY-nah-chin)
Farsi : (Ba-sal-a-ma-TEE)
Finnish : Kippis! : (KEEP-us)
French : A Votre Sante! : (Ah Vot-ruh Sahn-tay)
Gaelic (Irish) : Sláinte! : (Slawn-che)
German : Prost! : (Prohst)
Greek : στην υγειά σας! : (Stin Eyiassou/Stin Eye-ee-yass-ooh)
Eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart. —Ecclesiastes 9:10
Hawaiian : Okole Maluna! : (Å’kålè ma’luna)
Hebrew : לְחַיִּים!/L’Chaim! : (Le Chy-em)
Hungarian : Egeszsegere! : (Egg-esh Ay-ged-reh)
Italian : Salute! : Cin cin! (Salu-tay/Chin Chin)
Japanese : /Kampai! : (Kam-pie)
Korean : 위하여 (Chukbae) : (Sheet seki yah)
Latvian : Prieka! : (Pree-eh-ka)
Lithuanian i : sveikata! : (Ee sweh-kata)
Luxembourgish : Prost! : (Prohst)
Maltese : Evviva! : (A-vee-va)
Mongolian : Эрүүл мэндийн төлөө! : (Erüül mehdiin tölöö)
Norwegian : Skål! : (Skoal)
Persian : به سلامتی! : (beh salamati)
Polish Na : zdrowie! : (Naz-droh-vee-ay)
Portuguese : Saúde! : (Sow-ooh-jee)
Romanian : Noroc! : (No-roak)
Russian : Будем здоровы! : (Boo-dem Zdo-ro-vee-eh)
Serbian : Ziveli! : (ZHEE-vi-lee)
Slovak : Na zdravie! : (Naz-drah-vee-ay)
Spanish : ¡Salud!/Salut! : (Sah-lud/Sah-lute)
Swedish : Skål! : (Skol)
Thai : ไชโย! : (Chuc-dee)
Turkish : Şerefe! : (Sher-i-feh)
Vietnamese : Chúc sức khoẻ! : (chook-sa-koi-ah)
Yiddish : געזונטערהייט! Zei Gazunt! : (Zye GAH-zoont)
Zulu : Oogy wawa! : (oogee-wawa)


  1. Great post. Always looking for an excuse to drink some more. Now that I got all these fancy words I'll be heading out on the town tonite!

  2. this is very helpful when people go out to drink

  3. Hehe, nice, though with alot of the guys I know, any chance of a Klingon translate?

  4. I'll probably butcher all of these so I'm not going to even try saying them. :P

  5. hahah great list! thanks for sharing :D

  6. nice to have u back, interesting post as well

  7. that's okay... glad to see you back

  8. haha good info. Cool blog, you got a new follower!

  9. Wow this is actually pretty neat! Drink up!

  10. Haha nice! Not to be a whiny b*tch or something, the dutch one is written 'Proost', speech is about right tho :P Nice post, will be following you! :)

  11. This is a great list. It would be cool if you could get large gatherings of people from all these different countries and say cheers at the same time, kind of like the New Year's celebration. Anyways, keep up the good work!

  12. handy little guide, thanks and glad to see u are back

  13. if only i could remember these when im drunk